Other services

Photography of your home:
Do you need help photographing your home for the ad? Don’t worry, we can help you. One of our skilled employees will come out and take photos of your home in order to make your home and ad as attractive as possible.

Coordination of cleaning, moving furniture, storage, garage spaces in city centre etc.
Do you miss the time to book and coordinate cleaning during the rental period or during the relocation; have you trouble finding a good moving company? Is there a need for a garage space? Save time and let’s do the rough job so you can focus on other things.

Area Orientation:
How to choose a house or apartment if you do not know anything about the different areas in Stockholm; Perhaps it is so that you do not need an accommodation until 6 months ahead after your visit and therefore only want to know the market, visit schools etc. Then it can fit with a guided tour on a half or full day where we arrange comfortable transportation.

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