Sublet accommodation in Stockholm

Since 2013, Quality Living Stockholm has been the obvious choice when it comes to subletting your home. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate and brokerage industry and a high level of service, we help you who, for various reasons, need to rent out your home in Stockholm due to a changed life situation as a result of, for example, a new job, a trial cohabitation or if you have to sell your home, etc. We actively work for to create the best possible conditions for subletting and find a good tenant under safe conditions.

We who work at Quality Living Stockholm are registered Rental Agents within SHRF (Sveriges Hyres och Relocation Förening) and licensed by FMI (Fastighetsmäklarinspektionen). Many property owners, large and small, turn to us when they have a property for rental and want to sublet to a solid corporate customer. We have a solid and developed customer base of companies, embassies and various legal organizations who contact us when they need corporate apartments and corporate residences in Stockholm in organized and safe ways for an employee or colleague.

We know what it means to sublet a home. In order to be able to feel a safe while subletting your home, it is important that proper rental contracts are drawn up, we help you draw up safe and tailored rental contracts in accordance with Sweden’s rental laws, regardless of whether it is the Privatuthyrningslagen (Lag (2012:978) om uthyrning av egen bostad) or the Hyreslagen (12 Kap. Jordabalken). We follow FMI’s rules and guidelines and keep ourselves constantly up-to-date on the latest applicable rules and legislative changes for subletting. Our ambition is to constantly work in a clear and transparent way so that the rental can be carried out in the best possible way.

When registering your home with us, you are given access to be matched with our extensive customer base with the help of our experienced rental agents who actively work with the demand we have from our customers. We are there from the first contact with us, on viewings, as a contact point, until the rental has come to an end.

In addition to this, we have developed contacts with selected brokers who are ready to assist you in a sales situation.


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